3 Ways To Bring Summer Dishes To The Table Year Round

When it comes to summer foods, most people want to look forward to it. Summer food cooking does not have to be limited to the summer months, though. Even during the fall and winter, you can get out that grill and make some great dishes that will feel good and remind you of warmer days of relaxing. Here are three ways to easily bring the memories of summer to the table.

1. Use your grill year-round. It’s that simple. Your favorite ribs and your tasty steaks can be cooked on your grill during all months of the year. If you have a porch or a garage, then you can have your grill. Use caution, of course, to make sure that nothing bad happens, but there is no law that says the grill is only for cooking during the summer months.

2. Grill indoors. One of the best tools that you can have in your kitchen is a grill pan. These have little ridges on them to create those grill marks that are so important. To spice up any meal, use one. A great treat is to make cut up veggies on these pans. Simply cut the veggies rather big. Use a bit of extra virgin olive oil on them to keep them from sticking and you have an amazing summer side dish. Do this with squashes, peppers, onions just about anything.

3. Add some heat! To make sure that the summer heat comes through, add some heat to virtually any dish. If you like spices, then you know your heat levels. But, if you haven’t had a lot of heat in your food before, start with a milder hot pepper or spice and work your way up. Consider cayenne, for example. Adding poblano chilis to any meal will bring the heat up and remind you of the summer months.

Cooking for summer doesn’t have to be just in the summer months. With so many supermarkets providing high quality produce all year round, there is no reason not to have the best of the best when it comes to summer meals.

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