Best Perfumes for Both Spring and Summer

In the advent of the new season, there are always novel fragrances that are launched in the market. Since they arrive in hoards, there are times that it can get confusing as to what you will be purchasing because you would want to stack them all on your dresser. To downsize this dilemma, here are the best perfumes for both spring and summer.

Magnolia by Elizabeth W.

Among the best perfumes that will make you think of a romantic night in the Old South, Magnolia by Elizabeth W. is made up of white magnolia petals that are soaked with sandalwood and saffron as it is also joined with gardenia and Riviera mimosa. It costs around $28.

Blu Mediterrano by Acqua di Parma

Adored by a lot of celebrities, Blu Mediterrano by Acqua di Parma has the notes of both bergamot and mandarin that preserves a dulcet and floral redolent crisp although it is not syrupy. It costs around $98.

Blu Notte by Bulgari

The latest from its line, Blue Notte by Bulgari is meant to be worn in the evening time. It contains a mixture of iris and galanga as well as dark chocolate that suggests refined seduction together with the mystifying evening. It costs around $48.

Midnight Bloom by Stila

One of the best perfumes for that night getaway, Midnight Bloom by Stila is a combination of golden amber and sweet fig as well as sandalwood. It can unmistakably behold anyone especially when the setting will be under the moonlight that will leave the person spinning. It costs around $50.

Violet, Peony, and Lily by Thierry Mugler

A collection that is of legendary redolent, Violet, Peony and Lily by Thierry Mugler can seemingly be too bold for your taste. It actually has gourmand notes that are plainly rich in nature. You may want to try one of his three lighter Angels that are contained in gorgeous bottles like the original. It costs around $60.

Scent Editions by Gap

You might think that the customized fragrances are only for those who have big bucks, better think twice as Scent Editions by Gap is within easy reach. It is a set where it allows you to mix and match 12 individual aromas to arrive at the redolent you want. This is really great especially for those who would want to have a personalized scent that they can wear.

Couture by Moschino

If you are interested in how actress Mena Suvari would smell then you should try Couture by Moschino. In an interview by InStyle Magazine, she was saying that it is among the best perfumes and it’s her signature scent. According to her, she has been using it for a year already and so far, she knows only two people who have been wearing it. There are a lot of times that people come up to her to ask what fragrance she has on.

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