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Elicit the Right Feelings To Build Traffic

If you think buying is not an emotional experience, you are mistaken! Every word in sales copy is amplified when it triggers an emotional response and can be the difference between copy that excites the imagination of the potential buyer and that which deadens it. When you engage the buyer’s imagination they can even begin to imagine what it’s like to own the product you are selling and it stirs up the flames of desire for possessing it.

It is true that if you want to sell, you want to sell by impacting the emotions of your potential buyer. Even though you know that the final decision may be justified through logic, the initial way to get by the mind that will think up all sorts of objections to the sale is to appeal to the emotions.

The Strategy

When you are advertising your products or services you will want to pay close attention to the words you choose. Words are powerful tools on the Internet that you can use to frame the way a person perceives not only the value of your product but also the experience of possible ownership. Words tell stories that inform your readers about how this product or service solved a problem for some other buyer. Stories can pull a buyer into identifying with the other buyers and help them to visualize their own problems being solved, their lives getting easier or better for having made the purchase.

You will want to pick words that not only tell a vivid story, however, you will also want to use words that influence the buyer’s feelings and gives them favorable impressions. It’s really not that hard to do. People have a variety of automatic emotional responses to different words. All you have to do is find out which words create the best results and implement them in your sales copy.

You want to create a sales environment that puts people into an emotional mindset. Why? The simple reason is to bypass the logical mind long enough to make the sale. Sure, the final decision to buy will need to be justified with solid benefits, but that’s not typically the reason a person ends up making the decision to buy. They may not even be aware that many of their buying decisions are based on how they feel about a product rather than what they think about it.

People actually feel thrills when they buy and that thrill acts as a beacon to get them to buy again. Yet, when they are asked why they buy a particular product, they don’t talk about how they feel – that’s rather personal! Instead, they list the benefits. That’s because when people are asked to justify a purchase, the mind automatically kicks in, even if they made the decision based solely on how they felt at the time of purchase.

Your online advertising has to tell a story that will elicit a feeling of excitement about what your prospect will see themselves feeling about your offering.

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