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Foot Detox Pads That Make For A Healthier Feet

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Detoxification has several forms ranging from mild, moderate, to extreme. Although it is advisable to go on a detox program sometime, not everyone is allowed to undergo a detox program. Children and people who have chronic diseases, malnutrition, are pregnant and lactating, and other illnesses, maybe not be permitted from going on a detox program.

Fortunately, for those who can’t possibly submit themselves to a detox program may try using detox products that offer almost similar effects as purging toxic substances out of the body. Of course, we can’t devalue the power of a detox diet program consisting chiefly of fruits and vegetables, and natural juices. But for those whose health is frail, foot detox pads or detox foot patches are great alternatives to cleansing your body to bring back vigor and cell renewal.


Foot detox pads now come in many brands. This technology started in Asia and is now selling at 18 million patches every month. It took Japanese scientists 24 years to develop this technology. Studies say these pads or patches are all-natural and are capable of absorbing harmful toxins from your system when worn at acupressure meridian points like the soles of the feet, at the back of the knee, on the forehead, or behind the ears.

Components of foot detox pads

Foot detox pads contain Tourmaline, a mineral commonly found in Brazil has a property of giving off far infrared rays (FIR) that can generate negative ions. Negative ions have soothing therapeutic properties that stimulate circulation, relieve stress, increase mental alertness, and strengthen the body’s immune system. People who have used foot detox pads also admit to experiencing deeper, more relaxed sleep.

In addition, foot detox pads also contain wood vinegar essence, which is derived from tree saps of Oak, Beech, and Sakura. Wood vinegar or pyroligneous acid is part of old Chinese traditional medicine for the topical treatment of infections and irritations. Allowing the undiluted solution to condense and settle by itself, and sifting the solution using activated carbon refines the wood vinegar and made ready for use in each foot detox pads.

Other components of foot detox pads like chitosan, pearl stone, polyols alcohol, highly-purified silica, and starch contribute to the effectiveness of each patch in extracting toxins from your skin.

Foot detox pads, additionally, have effects on the lymphatic system. As we all know, the lymphatic system is vital in regulating our immune system and storing toxins. When they become blocked, toxins stagnate and may result in different known illnesses. These foot detox pads when placed on lymphatic points can stimulate the release of toxic-containing fluids.

Other uses of foot detox pads are to: relieve arthritis pains, promote stronger immune system, restores vitality, lessens stress, stimulates blood circulation, improves sleep, enhance mental concentration, and soothes other aches.

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