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Tips for Selling a Car on eBay Motors

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If you have a car you want to sell on eBay, you are one of thousands. Each month, thousands of cars, trucks, vans, and other vehicles are sold on the eBay Motors website. If you want to increase your chances of a sale, you need to do more than just list your car for sale. What do you need to do?

Set a fair selling price. Alto often, people see eBay as a way to strike it rich. Yes, you can make a full-time income with eBay, but that does not happen overnight. It involves a lot of time, hard work, startup costs, and usually antiques. Since you are selling one vehicle, don’t expect to get rich. In fact, set a fair selling price. Consult with the Kelley Blue Book and consider the economy. Right now, people are limiting their spending. If you can sell a car for a fair and reasonable rate, do it. Your chances of making a sale increase significantly.


Gather information about your car. Yes, you know your car, especially if you owned it for years. With that said, go outside and inspect it. Bring a notebook with you. Write down all the features of your car. Just like a used car salesman, you need to convince buyers that your car is the best car for sale on eBay. You do this by focusing on the good. Did you just replace the brakes? This is one less added expense for the buyer. Does your mini-van have a rear entertainment center? If so, this is a dream come true for most parents.

Do not lie. As previously stated, you want to focus on the good. You want to highlight each feature, its recent service history, and so forth. Yes, focus on the good, but don’t forget about the bad. Does your car have a small scratch on the driver’s side door? If so, mention it. Was the car involved in an accident? Even if you repaired the vehicle, you still mention the accident. Do not lie or withhold information when selling a car on eBay Motors, as it may come back to haunt you.

Take pictures of your car. When selling a car on eBay, remember that most buyers are long-distance buyers. They travel to pick up the car but do not have the opportunity to inspect it beforehand. Consumers are nervous about these types of gambles. Looking at pictures of a for sale car is nothing like inspecting the real thing, but it does come a close second. Take pictures of your vehicle and include them in the listing page. Snap pictures of the engine, mileage, interior, exterior, and the car as a whole.

Be available to ask questions. Since most of your buyers are unable to inspect the car before agreeing to buy, they will have many questions. When questions are asked, they will appear in your messages, under ‘My eBay.’ Answer all questions in a timely manner. When answering, be polite, do not lie, and provide as much information as possible. A quick and detailed response can prompt an unsure, but interested buyer to place a bid or make an offer.

Finally, time your auction so that it ends on the weekend. eBay allows you to pay extra to have your auction start and end at a specific time. Do not pay for this feature. Instead, be available exactly seven days before you want the auction to end. Most sellers find success on the weekend. Do not have your auction end on a holiday or during a popular event, such as the World Series or Super Bowl. During these times, fewer people are on the computer shopping for a car.

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